10 Best Strategy Battle Games Like Clash of Clans You Can Play in 2019

Clash of clans is a top-rated epic combat strategy video game. The Finnish game developer Supercell has developed this super addictive game.

Build your own village, give training to your armed forces and get ready for the battle.

You have to utilize your military cleverly and protect your village with a multitude of cannons, walls, bombs, mortars and trap.

You can install and play Clash of clans for free but, there are several items that you have to get by spending real cash.

Clash of clans is the online game that needs a data connection. This game is very popular, but still, peoples are searching for games like clash of clans that gives the same features or better than that.

Many other games give you the same gameplay like clash of clans but provide a different style.

If you are also one who is looking for alternatives for the clash on clans, then you land on the perfect page. After all, change is the spice of life and these games definitely entertain you a lot!

Here in this article, we have tried our best to provide you with the best games like COC. Just go through the list and experience the new gaming world!

List of 10 Best Strategy Battle Games Like Clash Of Clans

1. Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is the MMORPG games in which you have to wage MMORPG battles and defeat the kingdom for creating the empire and win the battle. While doing the war you have to discover the mystical locations of lord mobiles and havoc by horrifying monsters, Sharp enemies and strong warlords.

lords mobile

You have to find your way through the epic battles and prove that you are the best warlords in the whole world. Clan games like clash of clans always offer open world kingdom where you can clash in the arena with players in the MMO to save your castle and grab victory.

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2. Jungle Heat

Jungle heat is next in the list of games like clash of clans in which you have to lead your troops for getting victory over enemies. Grab the precious resources of the jungle. Jungle heat is free to play and based on cross-platform war game and can be played on any device or social networks.

clash of clans alternatives

In this game, you have to grab resources like oil, gold, etc. from the blood-thirsty looters. Save the native riches and claim them for yourself. The precious gifts of the jungle will be protected and secure in your depository. You can take parts in usual tournaments organized by game developers but for this, you have to develop your army base into an impenetrable castle, fight with other players, demolish their base to ashes, and unite into indestructible alliance.

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3. Dawn Of Titans

Dawn of titans has been designed by NaturalMotions games Ltd. and a perfect replacement to games like clash of clans. The game contains terrific 3D wars in which you have to lead huge Titans and thousands of soldiers. You have to seize the rival’s land, increase your armed forces and go for a fight, because in this game either you do or die situation will be there.

clash of clans similar games

You can control the grand PvP battles with sufficiently equipped warriors with strong gear. Go to the war with thousands of troops and all are under your control. Plan a strategy by joining into the alliances and fight to build the ultimate kingdom.

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4. Boom Beach

Boom beach is another fantastic game like COC that is developed by Supercell. This is free to play real-time strategy game. the storyline of the game is designed in tropical islands along with players and the armed forces. You have to come out with the strong plan if you want to win the game. You have to open the secrets of tropical islands by attacking their bases. Create a task force for this with other players in the world.

clash of clans similar games

The game allows you to play with millions of players all over the world and raid together on thousands of enemy bases for loot. Face scary blackguard bosses and open up their evil plans. In short, what we can say is that Scout, Plan and then Boom the Beach!

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5. Rise of Kingdom- Lost Crusade

Rise of Kingdom is one more in the list of games like clash of clans. This game allows you to create your own civilization. The battle in the game is not pre-calculates instead happens according to real-time on the map. At Present, there are 11 civilizations available in the game out of which you have to select one.

rise of kingdoms

As a leader, you are responsible for constructing your civilization and for this purpose; you have to collect the resources. You need resources for upgrading your buildings.

On the other hand, your military also plays a vital role in attacking enemies, collecting the resources and defending your City. Overall we can say that the rise of kingdom is easy to play a real-time strategy game.

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Remaining alternatives are available on the following source.

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